Times: Shabbat starts tonight with candle lighting at 8:01 pm, and ends Saturday night at 8:59 pm.
The weekly Torah portion is Tetzaveh.

Event Update Security Presentation with Zohar Dromi: Our first event for the year was well attended. A fascinating insight into how to properly assess your security. The slideshow can be accessed here. Listen to the presentation at our podcast site.

Mincha in the CBD: Mincha has resumed (sort-of) and is using a WhatsApp group until the end of DST. Message 0412-389-389 to join.

Study: The Wednesday shiur and lunch has resumed, and continues at 1.15pm.

Thought of the Week with thanks to Rabbi Leon Anaf. One of the Priestly garments described in this parsha is the me’il (robe), worn by the Kohen Gadol (the High Priest). The robe’s hem was lined with metal bells that rang when the Kohen Gadol walked.

Rabbi Moshe Alshich explains that between the bells were cloth pomegranates. The bells and the pomegranates were placed alternately, a bell followed by a pomegranate, followed by a bell, followed by a pomegranate, and so on. Yet the Torah speaks of the bells as being placed between the pomegranates. He explains that the Torah alludes to the great value of silence. As the Talmud teaches, for every measure of speech one should have two measures of silence. The Torah emphasises that each bell – each sound that a person makes – must be surrounded by two silent pomegranates. Silence is the safeguard of wisdom. A truly wise person should remain silent so that he can listen and learn, rather than continually speak.
The Talmud further comments that a charity box containing a single coin makes a lot of noise, while a full charity box hardly makes any noise. Those who “make noise”, who always talk are usually the ones with very little in the “box” – with little wisdom. Those with the a full “box”, with abundant wisdom and knowledge make little noise; they prefer to remain silent and listen to increase their knowledge.

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