Current location for mincha: Ainsworth Property – Level 7, 459 Collins St

Schedule for Winter

Winter schedule applies when there is no DST (April-September). Mincha is at 1.00pm on Monday to Thursday. On Wednesdays, there is lunch and a shiur following mincha – zoom is available as well. We will initially use the WhatsApp group daily to confirm numbers.

There is a regular lunch & learn on Thursdays at L1 Capital (45/101 Collins St) at 1pm, and they have mincha at around 1.45pm

For any specific enquiries, please contact us.

Schedule for Summer part 1

Summer Schedule part 1 (from the start of DST until sometime in December): mincha switches to 1.45pm. Toward the end of November, the earliest time to mincha is after 1.45pm, so we move forward in 5 minute increments until around mid- to late-December, and then take a break for the summer. The Wednesday lunch & shiur starts at 25 mins before mincha.

Schedule for Summer part 1

Summer Schedule part 2 (from about the end of Jan until the end of DST): the latest time for mincha is 2.08pm in mid-January. From then, it slowly gets earlier, and gets to about 1.55pm just before the end of DST. During this time of year, we use a WhatsApp group to confirm numbers. To be added to the group, please see our weekly newsletter or contact us. 


For some history of mincha in the Melbourne CBD, click here.