Schedule for Summer

Summer Schedule (from the start of DST until sometime in December): mincha switches to 1.45pm. Toward the end of November, the earliest time to mincha is after 1.45pm, so we move forward in 5 minute increments until around mid- to late-December, and then take a break for the summer. The Wednesday lunch & shiur starts at 25 mins before mincha, and Friday whisky & kugel starts about 15 mins before mincha.

Summer Schedule (from about the end of Jan until the end of DST): the latest time for mincha is 2.08pm in mid January. From then, it slowly gets earlier, and gets to about 1.55pm just before the end of DST. During this time of year, we now use a WhatsApp group to confirm numbers. To be added to the group, please contact us. 

Schedule for Winter

When it’s not Daylight Saving Time, mincha is at 1.00pm on Monday to Friday at the office of Billing Bureau – Level 5 South Tower, 459 Collins St (cnr William St).

On Wednesdays, there is lunch and a shiur following mincha.
On Fridays, there is whisky & kugel following mincha.

New Mincha @ 101 (L48): A second mincha is at 1.30pm, at Wingate, Level 48, 101 Collins St on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only using a WhatsApp group to confirm numbers. To be added to the WhatsApp group, please contact us.

We currently have a regular chazan. If you have a yahrzeit coming up and want the amud that day, please contact David (best via WhatApp to +61-412-389-389) to be put directly in touch with him.

There is a daily SMS sent out to remind people about mincha, and any other special changes. To be added to the list, please contact us.

For some history of mincha in the Melbourne CBD, click here.