Times: Candlelighting is Friday 8:02pm; Shabbat ends Saturday 9:00pm. Early Mincha: 6:45pm; Early Candlelighting: 7:00pm. The weekly Torah Portion is Ki Tisa. Purim Katan is Friday 14th.

Upcoming Events: Tuesday, 18th February: A lunchtime lecture from visiting South African Rabbi Yossy GoldmanThe Evil Eye: Are Jews Superstitious?” 1:00pm at Juilliard Group, Level 31, 459 Collins St (mincha will follow the event at 2.07pm). RSVP for catering purposes to events@jbd.org.au by COB today. For more information click here.

Friday, 7th March: JBD and AIJAC would like to invite you to a lunchtime lecture from Dr. Mordechai Kedar “New realities in the Middle East” 1:00pm at ABL, Level 21, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne. RSVP for catering purposes to events@jbd.org.au by COB Monday 3rd March.  For more information click here.

Mincha in the CBD: Mincha minyan is going along well at ABL – Level 21, 333 Collins St. The weekly Wednesday JBD shiurim have also moved, and we will continue to monitor things and adjust if necessary. After DST is over, we will move back to 459 Collins. On Tuesday only, mincha will be at Juilliard – 459 Collins St following the event as above.

Study: Mon 12.30 @ East Melb Shule; Wed 1.00 @ ABL.

Kosher Food in the CBD: Deliveries have not yet resumed and will advise when they do.

Thought of the Week with thanks to Rabbi James Kennard. “Descend, because your nation .. has become corrupt”. Moses’s position as leader was terminated, since the people no longer deserved one. But God’s subsequent words – “Now, leave me alone … while I destroy them” were a hint that if Moses should not leave God alone, but rather prays for forgiveness on behalf of the Jews, then they may be saved. So is he leader or not?

He is, but of a different kind. God’s presence is no longer sensed through bushes burning or seas splitting, but through prayer and reflection. The people are saved. The broken tablets are replaced with a new set, that Moses hews for himself because his new role includes playing a part in the transmission of Torah. After the calf debacle the people need leadership 2.0 – a friend, a defender and a teache.

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