What do Arabs really think of Jews?

Arabs don’t think like us. They see the world in very different terms than we do.

The West seems to be perpetually mystified by the level of cruelty shown by adherents of the Muslim faith. We are bewildered by the barrage of beheadings, the constant brutal attacks on weddings and funerals and the unending acts of violence against innocents.

Without understanding the influence of religion, history, culture and family on the Arab worldview, it is impossible to make sense of events in the Middle East and around the world.

The Islamic psychology was not born in a vacuum.

Join Rabbi Jacks in an enlightening discussion that will examine the roots and origins of the Arab mentality.

Please Note: Rabbi Jacks will also be speaking on the same topic at the Toorak Shule, following the congregational Kiddush.

Lunch & refreshment provided

Men and women welcome


Wingate Group
Level 9, 333 Collins St


Listen to the lecture here


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