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Shabbat starts on Friday at 4:49pm and ends on Saturday at 5:51pm. The weekly Torah portion is Nasso. 

Mincha 1pm 
continues at Ainsworth Property – GF/459 Collins Mon-Wed. Join the WhatsApp group where we take a count to confirm each day.

Weekly sushi & shiur will continue on Wed at about 1.10pm (after mincha) at A-P GF/459 Collins – and via zoom. Current topic: paying employees in a timely fashion. Details here and on the WhatsApp group.

Thought of the Week with thanks to Ezra May.

The Torah portion this week starts with the division of duties amongst the three Levite families. The famous question asked is why the seemingly most Holy and grandest job – responsibility for the Ark, Menorah and Altar – was allocated to the family of Kehat and not to the family of Gershon, the eldest son of the children of Levi.

There are many answers suggested, but the Darkei HaShleimus proposes that quite simply what the Torah is teaching is that it is plainly incorrect to view some things as more important or valued just because they may be more high profile.

Our assumption is that transporting the vessels of the Tabernacle – performed by the family of Kehat – was of greater significance than being responsible for and transporting the external curtains and coverings, as Gershon did.

However this is a false assumption. When it comes to the service of G-d, there is no more or less important roles. What is important and matters is that no matter what your particular area of service you specialise in, is performed to the best of your ability with the requisite respect and effort.

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