Wingate is pleased to invite you to a lecture


Business Talk- Moral Dilemmas”

Thursday, 24th August 2017

L48, 101 Collins Street

RSVP for catering purposes to by Friday, 18 August.

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz is a world-renowned lecturer on Jewish thought and philosophy. After practicing in both South Africa and the United States, he moved to Israel where he practiced in both private practice as well as in a hospital setting in Jerusalem. Rabbi Dr. Tatz has become a recognized expert in matters of Jewish thought and philosophy, which he covers in his authored texts. He is both the founder and director of the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum, whose purpose is to promote knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally, giving lectures worldwide in Jewish thought and medical ethics, as well as on modern applications in medicine. He is the author of Worldmask, Living Inspired, The Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life, and Letters to a Buddhist Jew.


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