Mazal tov to Michoel & Kate Friedman on the birth of their baby girl. Mazal tov to the grandparents.

Times: Shabbat starts tonight with candlelighting at 7:33pm, ends Saturday night at 8:33pm. The weekly Torah portion for Shabbat is Bereishit. Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan is on Tuesday (1/11) and Wednesday (2/11)

New Launch Date: IDF Training Centre in the CBD: New launch date for the IDF training centre at 446 Collins Street, Melbourne is scheduled for 17th November from 5.30 – 8pm. 85 out of 100 foundation memberships have been sold already. For more information or to sign up for the foundation special offer click here or for the Facebook page event click here.

Friday Mincha in the CBD: Friday “mincha & kugel” at Billing Bureau will be on today at 1.45pm (food from 1.30pm), using the SMS reminder system to confirm numbers.

Mincha in the CBD: Daily mincha at 1.45pm is now at Billing Bureau – Level 5 South/459 Collins – until late December, using the SMS system to confirm numbers.

Study: Wednesday shiur resumes this Wednesday at 1.15pm at Billing Bureau.

Kosher Food in the CBD: Nifla Kosher Catering (KA Hechsher)
Offers Corporate Catering, specialising in individual and board room  lunches. 10% Discount on your first website purchase. Enter promo code “FIRST TIME”. For further details visit
IN A RUSH CAFE-616 St Kilda Road-(Ground Floor-Lowe Lippmann Building)

Thought of the Week with thanks to David Prins. The High Holidays and the Tishrei festivities are over. We start a new year, and wonder what will be different. We may have been inspired by our Rabbis’ sermons to make New Year’s resolutions to be better people. But New Year’s resolutions often don’t last for long. Some don’t even get to day 1. What actions can we do immediately now to set ourselves on the right track for the year ahead?

There is much scientific research that shows that giving can make us happier than receiving. So let’s start by giving. Start by listing all those institutions whose facilities we use, but we don’t support financially. The shules where we go to pray or learn from time to time, but where we aren’t actually paying membership. Send each an unsolicited donation, with a note thanking them for what they do for you personally and for the community at large. Personally thank the individuals who also provide community support without expecting payment in return. The recipients will be pleasantly surprised, and you will feel happier. You will also have a good stack of merit points already on your side of the balancing scales in advance of next year’s Day of Judgement.

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