Note: Change of day and time; the regular Wednesday shiurim at 459 Collins St are deferred for this week only

JBD and the RCV are pleased to welcome Dayan Boruch Rubanowitz to a lunchtime lecture. He will speak on

“”Business Ethics in Jewish Law”” with Q&A following the lecture.

Lunch and refreshment provided.

Men and women welcome.

RSVP for catering purposes to

Hall and Wilcox Lawyers
Level 30, 600 Bourke Street

Dayan Boruch Rubanowitz practices as a Dayan at Beis Din Nesivos Chaim in Mattesdorf, as Rav of Kehillat Kol Rina in Nachlaot, and as a mohel in the Yerusholayim-Beit Shemesh area. He also teaches regularly, counsels and is a professional mediator for business negotiations and family matters. He has written articles on Jewish ethics and halacha and is a qualified shochet.

Dayan Rubanowitz spoke about the obligation for Jews to live to an ethical standard “”lifnim mishuras hadin”” – above the letter of the law. In an open discussion, he spoke of a few of the issues involving correct business conduct when dealing with corruption in the workplace, and whistleblowing, among other things.


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