“Yonah – a tale of souls, reincarnation and repentance”
A Kabbalistic read of the book of Yonah as it tells the story of your soul’s journey

13/9 1.00pm mincha followed by lunch & lecture
Ainsworth Property – Level 7 North Tower, 459 Collins St

In this thought-provoking lecture, Rabbi Yonason Johnson delves deep into the mystical teachings of Kabbalah to unravel the profound connections between the Book of Yonah and the journey of the soul. Join us on a spiritual voyage as we explore the themes of reincarnation, repentance, and the timeless wisdom hidden within the story of Yonah. Discover how this ancient tale can illuminate the path of your own soul’s evolution. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual insight as we uncover the secrets of the soul through the lens of Kabbalah.

This lecture is a timely and meaningful preparation for the High Holy Days, encouraging us to seek forgiveness, self-discovery, and spiritual growth as we approach Rosh Hashanah.

Listen to this lecture here:

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