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Times: Shabbat starts on Friday at 8:20pm and ends on Saturday at 9:27pm. The weekly Torah portion is Vayeshev and Shabbat Mevarchim Tevet. Rosh Chodesh is next Shabbat & Sunday.
Chanukah starts on Sunday night and continues until the following Sunday night/Monday. 

Mincha is now in recess for the summer. Thanks everyone for their participation & support for mincha during this year as the CBD opened up. Special thanks to Warlows Legal and ABL for hosting. Join the WhatsApp group to stay across the latest details.

The weekly shiur is in recess for the summer and will resume on Wed 1 Feb. Details here and on the WhatsApp group.

Thought of the Week with thanks to Michelle Coleman.

In this week’s Torah portion we read about the sale of Yosef by his brothers, which is preceded by them throwing him into a pit: “They took him and threw him into a pit; the pit was empty – there was no water in it (37:24).”

The astute will quickly notice the strange language: why say of the pit that there was no water in it when the verse has already said that the pit was empty?

There is no superfluous language in the Torah so our sages interpret this to mean that although there was no water in the pit, it was filled with snakes and scorpions.

Our Chassidic Masters delve even further, understanding from this that the human mind and heart are not unlike the pit. When there is no water (Torah, our life source), dangerous things can enter.

All it takes to counter them is to replace them with Torah. A shiur, a podcast, a Jewish book or magazine, the choice is ours!

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