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Times: Shabbat starts on Friday at 7:47 pm and ends on Saturday at 8:50 pm. The weekly Torah portion is Vayera

Mincha is 1.45pm: On Mon/Tue at ABL – 21/333 Collins, on Wed at Warlows Legal – 2/430 Lt Collins, and on Thurs at L1 Capital – 28/101 Collins. Join the WhatsApp group to stay across the latest details.

The weekly lunch & shiur continues on Wed at 1.20pm at Warlows Legal – 2/430 Lt Collins – and via zoom, followed by mincha at 1.45pm. Current topic: duty of care for a borrower.  Details here and on the WhatsApp group.

Thought of the Week with thanks to David Prins.

The Talmud (Bava Metzia 87a) tells us that the righteous say little and do much, while the wicked say much and don’t even do a little. In this week’s Torah reading, Abraham offers his guests just bread and water, and gives them a freshly cooked and baked sumptuous meal. In contrast, in next week’s Torah reading Ephron offers Abraham a burial place free of charge, but ends up accepting full payment.

This rings true today, with politicians and others standing for office making wild promises that they will have difficulty delivering. In contrast, the truly righteous are those who quietly deliver without fuss.  They consistently provide significant benefit to the community and society, with few words but strong actions. In this 30-second thought for the week, I also strive to impact the readers’ thoughts in few words.

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