Times: Shabbat starts tonight at 5:40 pm, and ends Saturday night at 6:36 pm. The weekly Torah portion is Metzora, and is Shabbat HaGadol. Pesach starts next Friday 19 April.

Upcoming Event Pre-Pesach Shiur Wednesday 17 April at 1 pm. Chametz in our water? Kashering the Kinneret with Rabbi Doobie Lister
At: Billing Bureau, Level 5 / 459 Collins St, Melbourne. Lunch served. RSVP Monday 15 April.

Mincha in the CBD: Today, mincha, whisky and kugel today 1.00 pm, and next week . Mincha continues at 1.00 pm Monday to Thursday using the SMS reminder system.

Study: Special pre-Pesach shiur next week at about 1.15 pm after mincha.

Thought of the Week with thanks to Yehuda Gottlieb. The opening passages of this week’s reading of Metzorah describe the purification process for those with tzara’at. The verse explains, on the day of his purification, bringing the Metzorah toward the Kohen. Yet, in the next verse the Torah states that the Kohen must go out of the city to the area toward the Metzorah. This seems more logical. While he is impure, the Metzorah is in quarantine, in an area that is outside the Israelite camp. He is not allowed back until he has undergone the purification process – a process administered by the Kohen. If that is the case, what is this ‘bringing toward the Kohen’ described in the earlier verse?

The commentator ktav v’hakabala writes that this “coming toward” is not actually referring to the Metzorah. Rather, after seven days of exile, someone must notify the Kohen of his duties – the duty to go and undertake the purification process. This notification is so the Kohen does not delay and undertakes his duties quickly, which will allow this Metzorah to purify and rejoin the camp.
This shows the underlying importance of the Kohen’s role and that he accepts responsibility and undertakes the tasks and requirements carefully. This in turn ensures the Metzorah’s reunion with his family and community after his purification.

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