Times: Shabbat starts tonight with candlelighting at 5:11pm, ends Saturday night at 6:09pm. The weekly Torah portion is Acharei Mot-Kedoshim.

Mincha in the CBD: Mincha continues at 1:00pm using the SMS system as a reminder.

Study: Wednesday shiur & lunch is on Wednesday at about 1.15pm at Billing Bureau, following mincha.

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Thought of the Week with thanks to Rabbi Leon Anaf. After the death of Aharon’s two sons, Moshe came and told Aharon that he should not enter the Kodesh Hakodashim (Holy of Holies).

The Medrash Rabba explains that Aharon’s sons committed four sins: they entered the Kodesh Hakodashim, they brought a strange fire, they brought the wrong sacrifice and they did not consult one another. Some explain that there is a sin for more than one person to enter the Holy of Holies at a given time. Since the brothers did not collaborate they ended up coming together and they died.

The Torah is acquired “b’çhavruta and b’eitzah” – through companionship and advice. Perhaps the brothers were punished because they should have consulted with someone else first. In that case, maybe they would have realised that only Aharon should go in and only on Yom Kippur.

This was Moshe’s message to Aharon. “Your sons cannot be excused for entering the Kodesh Hakodashim on their own. You didn’t enter. You discussed it with me and I am here as your brother to tell you that it is a good idea”

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