Times: Shabbat starts tonight with candlelighting at 8:13pm, ends Saturday night at 9:13pm. Early Shabbat candle lighting is between 7:05pm-7:10pm. The weekly Torah portion is Bo.

Mincha in the CBD: Apologies for the error in the SMS on Wednesday regarding mincha. Because of the response, we will experiment with resuming mincha (at 2.08pm) in a week.

Study: Wednesday shiur & lunch is on Wednesday at 1.15pm at Billing Bureau.

Kosher Food in the CBD: Nifla Kosher Catering (KA Hechsher)
Offers Corporate Catering, specialising in individual and board room  lunches. 10% Discount on your first website purchase. Enter promo code “FIRST TIME”. For further details visit www.nifla.com.au
IN A RUSH CAFE-616 St Kilda Road-(Ground Floor-Lowe Lippmann Building)

Thought of the Week with thanks to Rabbi Menachem Wolf. There I am in one of the many instructions Moses received from Hashem when rescuing the Jews form Egyptian slavery, Hashem said “Come to Pharaoh”. It’s a strange instruction because it indicates G-d is with Pharaoh presently and Moses needs to go there to connect with Him. Surely go to Pharaoh would have been more appropriate and correct in Moses situation?

In life there are the things we need to do and do so without much hesitation no matter the challenge or external resistance, and then there are the things we need to do which seem too hard, too embarrassing or better suited for someone else (at least that’s our excuse for procrastinating). Moses spent a lot of time languishing over his role as leader early in his career. He had good reason to, but ultimately he was the leader and needed to do his job. In life there are tasks or actions we need to take and often the challenging ones come with a sense of insecurity or fear. But because they are the right thing to do and they must be done in that moment by us. Hashem says to us “come to Pharaoh” – “come to the arena in which you need to perform because that’s where I am. Always by your side, don’t feel you are going through an impossible task by yourself – I am there, providing you with strength and the momentum of success, don’t feel ashamed to do what is right in My eyes”.

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