Times: Shabbat starts tonight with candlelighting at 8:22pm, ends Saturday night at 9:28pm. Early Shabbat – light candles between 7:10pm-7:15pm. The weekly Torah portion for Shabbat is Vayigash.

Mincha in the CBD: Mincha is in recess until the end of DST in early April 2016. Thank you to everyone for sustaining the minyan and providing this service to our members.

Study: Wed shiur @ Billing Bureau: Is on summer recess and will resume mid-January.

Kosher Food in the CBD: Nifla Kosher Catering (KA Hechsher)
Offers Corporate Catering, specializing in individual and board room lunches. For further details visit www.nifla.com.au
10% Discount on your first website purchase. Enter promo code “FIRST TIME”. Kosher sandwiches, muffins and salads are available at the following locations:
CUPP- Manchester Unity Building- Ground Floor-220 Collins Street
CBW EXPRESS-181 William Street.(Entrance Little Bourke St)
IN A RUSH CAFE-616 St Kilda Road-(Ground Floor-Lowe Lippmann Building)

Thought of the Week with thanks to Ezra May. After a roller-coaster of events, Yaakov’s sons return to Canaan and inform him that his beloved son Yosef, whom he had assumed was dead for 22 years, was in fact alive and prospering in Egypt. Astonished by this and despite his age, Yaakov immediately prepares his family to relocate to Egypt to reunite with Yosef. As they approached the Goshen region of Egypt, Yaakov sends Yehuda ahead of him to prepare for him the way (Genesis 46:28). Rashi explains this refers to Yaakov’s instructions for Yehuda to establish a Yeshivah.

The Shelah HaKadosh derives from this that wherever a person goes he should ensure that his spiritual needs are in order and then his more mundane other concerns. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein writes that the biggest mistake made by the early immigrants to the New World was their focus on trying to make a living, caused them to neglect first establishing Yeshivahs for the next generation and as a result, thousands of Jewish children weren’t properly educated about their religious heritage.
On a lesser scale, as we make the daily commute to the city, it is important that venues exist that provide us with options to Daven with a Minyan & learn Shiurim, so that even in the CBD we can remain attached & participate in our religious lifestyle.

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