Times: Shabbat starts Friday night with candlelighting at 8:12pm; Shabbat ends Saturday night at 9:17pm. Early Shabbos candlelighting (between) 7:00pm-7:05pm The weekly Torah portion is Vayishlach.

Mincha in the CBD: Mincha will continue for just one more week Mon-Thu at 1.50pm (possible special lunch on Thurs) and then go into recess for the summer. Thanks to everyone who supported the minyan during the year.

Study: Mon 12.30 @ East Melb Shule;
Wed 1.15 @ Billing Bureau

Kosher Food in the CBD: NEW!!! Nifla Kosher Catering (KA Hechsher)
is proud to offer Corporate Catering, specializing in individual and board room lunches. For further details visit www.nifla.com.au
Kosher sandwiches, muffins and salads are available at the following locations:
-Lowe Lipman building- In a Rush –  616 St Kilda Rd
-Toby’s Estate in Flinders Lane -325 Flinders Lane
-Cupp-220 Collins Street (in the Manchester Unity building)
Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches, Salmon and Salad Bagels, Continental Cheese and Tomato sandwiches, and Sushi Platters

Sidewalk Cafe (KA Hechsher)
Kosher sandwiches and snacks are available at the following locations:
-CBW Express- 181 William Street (Open late until 9pm)
-Pronto on Flinders – 335 Flinders Lane
Kosher sandwiches and snacks delivered daily to the CBD.
SANDWICHES: egg mayonnaise and tomato, tuna mayonnaise and pickles, smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese, crisp lettuce, sliced cheese, tomato, cucumber and salad. SNACKS: natural berry yogurt with oat cluster crumble, fresh fruit salad, mixed berry muffin

Thought of the Week with thanks to Yudi NewYaakov wrestled with the Eisav’s angel but the angel could not overcome him. However, he was able to dislocate Yaakov’s thigh. Based on the Midrash, the Ramban explains that the damage wrought by the angel refers to the torment and torture that Eisav inflicts on future generations of Yaakov’s descendants. Nevertheless, the Pasuk tells us that Yaakov emerged complete. That is, despite all the pain and suffering, his descendants have b”H been able to survive and thrive.

The Chizkuni suggests that the angel was only able to harm Yaakov because he feared the angel and demonstrated a lack of faith in Hashem and His promise of protection. Hence, the message is clear. The antidote to pain inflicted by Eisav can only be a resolute belief in Hashem and His promise to protect us. May we once again merit to see and recognise the might of Yaakov speedily in our days

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