Mazal tov to Menachem and Mushkie Rapp on the birth of their daughter.

Times: Yom Kippur starts Friday night with candlelighting and fast beginning at 6:08pm and ends Saturday night at 7:06pm. Move the clock one hour forward on Saturday night as DST begins.

Mincha in the CBD: Special mincha today for erev Yom Kippur. Lunch seuda from 12.30pm then mincha at 1.00pm.
Next week mincha changes to 1.45pm for summer season and will continue at least until the end of November depending on demand. Next week the minyan will run at our usual location at Level 5 South, 459 Collins St, at 1.45pm Mon & Tues only next week.

Study: No Wednesday Shiur: Wednesday 8th October and 15th October. 
Mon 12.30 @ East Melb Shule;
Wed 1.15 @ Billing Bureau (Resuming 22nd October)

Kosher Food in the CBD: Kosher sandwiches and snacks provided by Sidewalk Cafe under Kosher Australia hashgacha are available at the following locations:
-CBW Express- 181 William Street (Open late until 9pm)
-Pronto on Flinders – 335 Flinders Lane
Kosher sandwiches and snacks delivered daily to the CBD.
SANDWICHES: egg mayonnaise and tomato, tuna mayonnaise and pickles, smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese, crisp lettuce, sliced cheese, tomato, cucumber and salad. SNACKS: natural berry yogurt with oat cluster crumble, fresh fruit salad, mixed berry muffin

Thought of the Week with thanks to Geoff BlochOn Yamim Noraim we say the prayer: “U’vechen ten pachdecha al kol ma’asecha” – “Therefore, place Your fear on all your creations”.
Surely, in order to nurture our emotional well-being, we must overcome fear, not invite it. Then why we do pray to be given fear?

Rav Joseph Soloveitchik answers this conundrum. We confront many fears: the fear of not realising our ambitions, of losing our income or our social status and the fear of illness. Worrying about matters beyond our control can be emotionally damaging. But we all know that if confronted with a significant and real fear, we see things in their proper perspective and wonder why other relatively trivial worries previously assumed such overwhelming importance causing us such anxiety and worry.

According to Rav Soloveitchik , focussing on the fear of Hashem and reflecting on the sobering fact that our fate is in His hands, is actually in our best interests because it puts most of our troubles in their proper perspective and allows us to reconsider our priorities.

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