Times: Candlelighting is Friday 4:56pm; Shabbat ends Saturday 5:55pm. The weekly Torah Portion is Bamidbar.

Mincha in the CBD: Mincha continues at our usual location at Level 5 South, 459 Collins St, at 1.00pm Mon-Thu.

Study: Mon 12.30 @ East Melb Shule; Wed 1.15 @ Billing Bureau.

Kosher Food in the CBD: Kosher sandwiches and snacks provided by Sidewalk Cafe under Kosher Australia hashgacha are available at the following locations:
-CBW Express- 181 William Street (Open late until 9pm)
-Pronto on Flinders – 335 Flinders Lane
Kosher sandwiches and snacks delivered daily to the CBD.
SANDWICHES: egg mayonnaise and tomato, tuna mayonnaise and pickles, smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese, crisp lettuce, sliced cheese, tomato, cucumber and salad. SNACKS: natural berry yogurt with oat cluster crumble, fresh fruit salad, mixed berry muffin

Thought of the Week with thanks to David Prins. In this week’s parsha, Moshe is told to conduct a census of the Jews. In the literal words of the Torah, Moshe is told to “lift the heads” of the people.

The same phrase was used when Yosef interpreted the dreams of two prisoners – Pharaoh’s Chief Butler and Chief Baker. Yosef told the Chief Butler: “In three days’ time Pharaoh will lift your head and restore you to your post”. He then uses the same words in his interpretation of the Chief Baker’s dream: “in three days’ time Pharaoh will lift your head”, but then continues “…  and will hang you”.  Former Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks calls this black humour.

The serious lesson is that people can lift their heads to be counted for good or bad purposes. This is my first contribution to the JBD 30-second thought for the week. I want to pay tribute to all who have preceded me and have lifted their head to be counted for the wholly good purpose of contributing their time and resources to the ongoing success of JBD.

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