JBD are pleased to welcome Raphaella Segal to a lunchtime lecture on

“Settlements: the view from within”

So much has been written about the settlements and their role in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Come and hear what they are really like from Raphaella Segal, assistant mayor of Kedumim.

As a founder of Kedumim 35 years ago as well as living there all these years, Raphaella gives the true reality and stories no one gets or hears from the media.

Lunch and refreshments will be served

Men and women welcome

Raphaella Segal is the assistant Mayor of Kedumim in the Shomron. She is one of the founders and has seen the great revolution made in the area due to dedication and self sacrifice. When Raphaella speaks, she introduces the audience the Settlement issue. She brings the true reality that was achieved, the strategic importance of the communities to the safety of Israel . She breaks the incorrect stereotypes and misconceptions about the Settlement issues and tells about the Mesirut Nefesh and special spirit of the people.

Thank you to Schetzer Brott & Appel for hosting and W. Eckstein & Co. , Manufacturing and Wholesale Jewellers for sponsoring lunch.

Schetzer Brott & Appel
Level 4, 50 Market Street


Listen to this lecture here


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