JBD was formed some time in 2010 as an association for Jews working in the Melbourne CBD. It grew from the activities being done by several people to support and provide resources to Jews working in and around the CBD.

Our mission is to facilitate events, and to provide information and resources for Jewish people working in and around the CBD (including visitors). In particular, we seek to collaborate with other organizations providing services to the same or overlapping group of people.


Here are some examples of what we do (or aspire to do):

  • Where to get kosher food – not just the restaurants, but who to contact if you want a platter of sandwiches for a meeting on short notice, or which non-kosher restaurants understand how to bring in a meal from a kosher caterer, and heat and serve it correctly.
  • Providing tools for (business) networking and easy communication between members.
  • Facilitating shiurim, lectures and study groups.
  • Helping people arrange lifts home on Fridays during winter.

Comments and questions are most welcome here on this site.


We encourage people to join the site, and help build on the existing community of CBD workers.


JBD is an incorporated association in the state of Victoria. The office bearers are:

* David Werdiger (President)
* Eugene Berkovic (Treasurer)
* Shifi Bendet (Secretary)
* Allon Ledder
* Harry New
* Ari Rosenbaum

We can be reached on president or treasurer [at] jbd.org.au. Would you like to get involved? Then please, get in touch with us. Our executive officer is Rivka Fixler, and she can be reached on admin [at] jbd.org.au.

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